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Biodiesel from microalgae using synthesized novel alkali catalyst
by Cercado, A.P.I., Capareda, S.C.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: bioenergy, pumice, synthesis, transesterification, yield

Ultrasound assisted transesterification of microalgae using synthesized novel catalyst
by Cercado, A.P., Capareda, S.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: biodiesel; K-pumice; microalgae; transesterification; ultrasound

Fouling mitigation and wastewater treatment enhancement through the application of an electro moving bed membrane bioreactor (eMB-MBR)
by Millanar-Marfa, J.M.J., Borea, L., Belgiorno, V., Naddeo, V.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.; De Luna, Mark Daniel G.
keywords: electrochemical processes; fouling precursors; moving bed biofilm reactor; MBBR; voltage gradient

Estimation of waste mobile phones in the Philippines using neural networks
by Galang, M.G.K.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: feed-forward neural network, eWaste, mobile phones

Phosphorous recovery by means of fluidized bed homogeneous crystallization of calcium phosphate. Influence of operational variables and electrolytes on brushite homogeneous crystallization
by Caddarao, P.S., Garcia-Segura, S., Jra, Huang, Y.-H., Lu, M.-C.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: fluidized-bed reactor; phosphate homogeneous crystallization; water treatment technologies; granulation process; phosphate removal

Effect of lead speciation on its oral bioaccessibility in surface dust and soil of electronic-wastes recycling sites
by Fujimori, T., Taniguchi, M., Agusa, T., Shiota, K., Takaoka, M., Yoshida, A., Terazono, A., Takigami, H.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: lead; electronic-waste recycling

Biodiesel from three microalgae transesterification processes using different homogenous catalysts
by Cercado, A.P.I., Capareda, S.C.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: biodiesel; microalgae; microwave; transesterification; ultrasound

Artificial neural network in the measurement of environmental odours by e-nose
by Galang, M.G.K., Zarra, T., Naddeo, V., Belgiorno, V.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: continuous time systems, discriminant analysis, MATLAB, mean square error, neural networks, odors, real time systems, waste treatment, wastewater treatment

Water reuse nexus with resource recovery: On the fluidized-bed homogeneous crystallization of copper and phosphate from semiconductor wastewater
by Bayon, L.L.E., Garcia-Segura, S., Lu, M.-C.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: fluidized bed reactor, heavy metals, industrial wastewater treatment, resource recovery, waste revalorization

Are pharmaceuticals removal and membrane fouling in electromembrane bioreactor affected by current density?
by Borea, L., Ensano, B.M.B., Hasan, S.W., Balakrishnan, M., Belgiorno, V., Naddeo, V.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.; De Luna, Mark Daniel G.
keywords: Electro MBR, emerging contaminants, fouling control, pharmaceutical active compounds, wastewater treatment

Environmental odour management by artificial neural network – a review
by Zarra, T., Galang, M.G., Belgiorno, V., Naddeo, V.; Ballesteros, Florencio C.
keywords: electronic nose, environmental pollution, human health, odour emission, public concern

Continuous bioethanol production using Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells immobilized in nata de coco (Biocellulose)
by Montealegre, Charlimagne M.; Dionisio, Emerson R.; Sumera, Lawrence V.; Adolacion, Jay R T.; De Leon, Rizalinda L.
keywords: immobilization, biocellulose, calcium alginate, continuous fermentation, horizontal reactor, baker’s yeast

Individual motile CD4+ T cells can participate in efficient multikilling through conjugation to multiple tumor cells
by Liadi, I., Singh, H., Romain, G., Rey-Villamizar, N., Merouane, A., Adolacion, J.R.T., Kebriaei, P., Huls, H., Qiu, P., Roysam, B., Cooper, L.J.N., Varadarajan, N.; Adolacion, Jay R T.
keywords: T cells; tumor cells

Beyond autoantibodies: biologic roles of human autoreactive B cells in rheumatoid arthritis revealed by RNA-sequencing
by Mahendra, A., Yang, X., Abnouf, S., Adolacion, J.R.T., Park, D., Soomro, S., Roszik, J., Coarfa, C., Romain, G., Wanzeck, K., Bridges, S.L., Jr., Aggarwal, A., Qiu, P., Agarwal, S.K., Mohan, C., Varadarajan, N.; Adolacion, Jay R. T.
keywords: B cells; rheumatoid arthritis

Characterizing the microbial community involved in anaerobic digestion of lipid-rich wastewater to produce methane gas
by Nakasaki, K., Nguyen, K.K., Ballesteros, Florencio Jr. C., Maekawa, T., Koyama, M.
keywords: Anaerobic digestion; Lipid; Glycerol; LCFA; Microbial community; Next-generation sequencing

Modeling of sample withdrawal effects on pseudo-order batch sorption kinetics
by Adolacion, Jay R T.; Dalida, Maria Lourdes P.
keywords: pseudo-order; sorption; kinetics; equilibrium; modeling; bias; sampling error

Density functional theory study on the degradation of fuel cell anion exchange membranes via removal of vinylbenzyl quaternary ammonium head group
by Espiritu, Richard; Tan, John Lester; Lim, Len Herald; Arco, Susan
keywords: anion exchange membrane; degradation mechanism; density functional theory; nucleophilic attack; oxidative cleavage; superoxide radical

Greenhouse gases from small-scale combustion in developing countries : a pilot study in Manila
by Smith, K.R.; Rasmussen, R.; Manegdeg, Ferdinand G.; Apte, M.
keywords: greenhouse gases; small-scale combustion devices

An operations research and systems analysis study of weighing scales used for growth surveillance
by Rañeses, Nestor O.; Manegdeg, Ferdinand G.; Ramos, Adelisa C.
keywords: weighing scales

Selection framework for powerplant capacity mix
by Manegdeg, Ferdinand G.
keywords: powerplant capacity; decision making analysis


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