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Type Conference Proceeding
Title A system software to manage geospatial data and maps of agricultural resources in the Philippines
Author(s) Dimalanta, C.G.P.; Gatdula, N.B.; Dela Torre, D.M.; Pagkalinawan, H.M.; Blanco, Ariel C.
Keyword(s) system software; data sharing; geospatial data; integrated application
Title of Conference 37th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing
Page No 1199-1206
Place of Conference Colombo Sri Lanka
Date From 17th October 2016
Date To 21st October 2016
Abstract The Phil-LiDAR 2 Project 1: Agricultural Resources Extraction from LiDAR Surveys (PARMap) was established to complement on-going programs of Philippine government agencies with the goal of providing an updated and detailed inventory of agricultural resources and produce maps of agricultural crops (high value crops), and vulnerability assessment in the Philippines. In line with this, a web portal is needed to streamline the process of data exchange to fourteen (14) partner State Universities and Colleges/Higher Education Institutes (SUC/HEIs), national government agencies, and more than 1,000 local government units. This paper describes the development process of PARMap’s system software to handle the project’s geospatial data from LiDAR surveys and other remote sensing systems, integrated application that generate results from field measurements, and a medium of data distribution using Cygwin with rsync package, a secure open source tool that downloads files using encryption from the Linux server. PARMap’s system software is currently being used as a repository of the project’s output layers and a tool of data exchange for vulnerability assessment of the country’s agricultural resources. Its spectra calculator that computes results from spectrometer readings was distributed to partner SUC/HEIs to expedite the generation of field measurement outputs. Additional functions are still under development such as spectroscopy database and editable dataset for vulnerability assessment of agricultural resources. Development of such interoperable system software is essential to the project’s collaborating agencies, data dissemination for research purposes of agricultural resources and can aid in planning of local government agencies in the Philippines.
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